Hey you beautiful beings! Here’s what I’ve been up to on IG┬álately. Sorry I haven’t been posting much..I’m in the year where everyone turns 21 and I’ve had a crazy couple of weekends! I promise more outfit posts are coming soon but for now it might be easier to catch up with me on my Instagram @katereeya. If you want to know where anything from the pictures above are from just drop a comment! :)


  • Mothi

    I love the bralette in the first pictures!
    Nice photo’s.

    Much Love, M

    • Katie Lockwood

      Thanks babe

  • breathechic

    Is that a moon necklace?? If it is I am way jealous. A crescent moon is kind of my “symbol.”


    • Katie Lockwood

      Yes it’s got the moon phase on it! I got it from a store on etsy called Zenned Out :) Totally worth checking out!

  • Hadrien’s Factor

    Super cool outfit and very nice post

    Great pics too anyway!!

    • Katie Lockwood

      Thanks Hadrien!

  • WinnipegStyle

    Such fabulous pictures! Those nail are so fantastic and I love the pastel hair!


  • Susana Lohan

    Fabulous pieces! Fabulous hair! Fabulous style!
    Well done girl.


  • Hadrien’s Factor

    Awesome outfit and very great pics

    Great Work

  • Lauren Riegel